Good Bye 6th Street Bridge

Remember the infamous car race in the movie Grease where the starting line was under the 6th Street bridge? It was one of the most memorable moments of the movie.
Two years ago, I was lucky enough to work on a photo shoot assignment for 3rd and Army fashion apparel where we recreated the same scene with a fun group of classic car aficionados. It was a great day and I remember that one of the drivers mentioned to me that the 6th bridge was going to be demolished soon.

Pretty sad, since this has been an iconic staple of Los Angeles.

It’s built over the concrete Los Angeles River bed as well as railroad tracks. It’s located a few blocks away from aging industrial tracts. Home and shelter of many overnight visitors and an ideal location for many photographers during the day.

Yesterday was the first day of demolition and I drove very early to capture the first moments of the process. The air was full of dust, coming from the concrete disintegration.
I just wanted to share some images.